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DNA Testing and Collections

Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing Offers DNA Testing

Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing offers a wide range of DNA paternity and family relationship testing. Also, our DNA tests include prenatal testing options and forensic DNA testing services. Using the best equipment and analyzing with the most stringent procedures, our DNA tests are extremely reliable. Consequently, you can trust us to ensure accurate and fast information.

Results of DNA tests are often used to make life-changing decisions, with this in mind, you can be confident that our sample handling procedures hold up against rigorous legal examination.

Your DNA test provides vital information which is why it’s important to make sure the information is accurate. With Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing’s DNA testing service you will receive personalized service that focuses on answering any paternity, family, or relationship questions. Once the DNA test is taken and analyzed by our certified lab partner, then you will receive clear and understandable results to provide the information you need.

Whether you are taking this test for personal purposes or persuasive evidence to present in court, Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing will provide you with convenient, accurate, and easy-to-understand results of your DNA test.

Stopwatch representing how long it takes to do a drug test.

How long does it take to have a collection for a DNA test done?


About 15 Min.

Verified results for how long it takes to receive results for a drug test.

How long does it take to get results from a DNA test?




Standard Relationship tests take 1-3 business days, once received at the lab (1-day express service is available, call us for more information).

Lifestyle DNA test results take about 30-45 days.

What DNA Testing Do You Need?

Biological Relationship DNA Testing

When you need to confirm a biological relationship, Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing can help. Whether for court evidence or to find an extended family we have a DNA test to meet your needs.

Connecting your past with your present is a fun and easy way to learn about your ancestry. Your DNA results will provide you with information about the originations of your ancestors.

Standard Trio Paternity

This DNA tests a mother, child, and alleged father.

    • A trio paternity test provides the strongest support in court. The mother’s involvement is preferred and could be required.
    • Legal and Non-legal options are available.
    • Turnaround time: 1-2 business days after received at the lab. Expedited shipping is available.
Motherless Paternity

This is DNA testing for a child and an alleged father.

    • Testing paternity without the mother is possible is not always optimal. Doing so will provide a  less substantial defense in legal cases. Some situations may require the mother’s sample.
    • Legal and Non-legal options are available.
    • Turnaround time: 1-2 business days after received at the lab. Expedited shipping is available.

A maternity test can confirm the biological relationship between a mother and child.  For example, it is valuable in immigration cases and adoption.

    • Legal and Non-legal options are available.
    • Turnaround time: 1-2 business days after received at the lab. Expedited shipping is available.
Paternity & Maternity

A combination test to confirm the biological relationship between a mother and child and between a father and a child.

Grandparentage with/without Mother (Single/Both)

Performing a grandparentage test can help determine a child’s relationship to the alleged father’s family.

    • Legal and Non-legal options are available.
    • Turnaround time: 1-3 business days after the lab receives samples.
Additional Biological Relationship DNA Testing
  • Full Siblingship with/without Common Parent.
  • Half Siblingship with/without Common Parent.
  • Genetic Reconstruction.
  • Avuncular (i.e. Aunt-niece/nephew, Uncle-niece/nephew).
  • Y-STR Test.
  • Zygosity (Identical/Fraternal twins). 
  • DNA Banking/Extended.
  • Banking and DNA Profile.
  • DNA Profile STR/YSTR.

In Need of a DNA Paternity Test?

Legal paternity testing provides results that may be used as proof of relationship for child support, custody, immigration, birth certificate, Social Security, or other legal reason.

This type of paternity test is often referred to as “chain of custody” testing and it must be completed at an approved paternity-testing collection site. Need help outside of our area? That’s not a problem with our large and convenient access to a network of collection sites.

Home Paternity Testing

If you are seeking an answer for personal knowledge or peace of mind only, then a home paternity test kit is an excellent choice. Due to the fact that test participants collect and submit their own DNA, results are not court-admissible. Contact us today for your in-home kit.


Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

A prenatal paternity test is for couples seeking answers while the mother is still pregnant. This technologically advanced, non-invasive test is accurate and can be performed as early as 7 weeks into the pregnancy. This is a completely safe test for the mother and the baby.

DNA Lifestyle Testing

There is a lot you can learn about yourself through DNA testing. Want to discover strategies for your optimal health? You can do this through genetics. The analysis of your genes is related to weight management and skin care. 

You are then given information that can help you make important decisions like exercise strategies and information about nutrition. A DNA lifestyle test also provides scientifically-based insights about ingredients and treatments.  This information might then help you achieve beautiful and more youthful-looking skin.

How A DNA Sample Is Collected

Step 1

Subject checks in and fills in the necessary paperwork. Collector then explains the collection process.

Step 2

Prior to the DNA collection, the collector preps equipment and labels the subjects envelope

Step 3

Buccal Swab Collection Method

Four buccal (inner cheek) swabs are used to collect DNA specimens since two from each cheek must be submitted to ensure accurate results.

Venous Blood Collection Method

A collection of 2-5 mL of blood from each subject is placed into individual tubes by our certified phlebotomist.

Step 4

The collector seals the specimen in an envelope and later sends it to the lab along with a picture of each subject.

Step 5

The test results are then sent to the client within 3-5 business days.

Things to Know About DNA Testing


Are in-home tests admissible in court?

At the present time, In-home DNA test results are not admissible in court. In order for DNA testing results to be admissible in court, the sample must undergo stringent testing and analysis that meets the acceptable rigorous standards.  We are an approved collection site and partner with an AABB accredited lab to run the necessary tests.

Do samples need to be collected together?

DNA samples can be collected on different occasions. However, all samples should be complete and sent to the lab together for analysis, if possible.

How are results received?

Your DNA testing results will arrive via email, fax, or first class mail. For more options on receiving your DNA testing results please contact our office.

Have An Immigration Case?

We can collect a sample for immigration testing as directed by an AABB accredited facility.

Learn more about the technology used by the lab we work with here.

A double helix representing DNA for Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing's DNA Testing Services.