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Get Tested For Covid-19 By Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing


Covid-19 isn’t completely gone yet, and the Delta variant has also made its way here. Fill the form below to make an appointment for testing. We currently offer testing in our clinic or onsite wherever you may be.

Butterfield is here to serve our community. We’re here to help against the fight against the coronavirus. Learn more about coronavirus testing and the virus here.

Women holding up a negative Covid-19 test.

Covid-19 Testing Appointment Sign-Up Form

Which symptoms have you been experiencing? If you are having an emergency contact EMS or call 911.

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Rapid Result/Instant tests are not covered by insurance. We can provide a receipt that you can present to your insurance to see if they will cover the test. The PCR test is covered by insurance.

What time of day works best for testing? (Select all that apply) *The times selected are not guaranteed. This is to give our scheduler an idea.

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