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What Is Urine Drug Testing?

Urine drug testing is the most frequently used method for drug testing services and is by far the most flexible and customizable. There are hundreds of different combinations of detectable drugs and cutoff levels, there is a urine test panel for almost any scenario to help your business maintain a drug-free workplace.

Urine drug testing detects recent drug use which makes it excellent for post-accident, and substance abuse testing.  Businesses can rely on onsite testing for its cost-effectiveness, the capacity to screen for a variety of different drugs, and the ability to withstand most legal challenges.

There are variations of the urine drug test but all involve the subject urinating directly into a cup with a temperature strip to verify that the sample is in an acceptable temperature range. A POCT (point of contact test) often referred to as an instant test can register negative or non-negative for the presence of specific drugs being tested. All non-negative test results from a POCT must be confirmed at the lab so it is defensible in court.

A collector from Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing collects a urine sample in a 5 panel urine drug test.

Any drugs present in the bloodstream are metabolized in the liver, except for THC which metabolizes in the fat cells, before being excreted in the urine. Drugs are detectable for a significantly longer time in urine than in oral fluid. The actual time a drug will remain detectable in a sample will depend on some of the following:

  • The number of drugs used
  • Frequency of use
  • The nature of the drug itself
  • An individual’s metabolism and general health
  • The number of fluids taken since taking the drug
  • The amount of exercise since taking the drug
Stopwatch representing how long it takes to do a drug test.

How long does it take to do a urine drug test?


3-5 Min.

Verified results for how long it takes to receive results for a drug test.

How long does it take to get results for a urine drug test?


1 Min. Or Less


POCT instant tests will give results in less than one minute.

Calendar representing how long a drug test's detection window is.

Detection Window Period


12 hrs. to 5 days


12 hours to 5 days for most drugs.

How A Urine Drug Test Is Done

Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing collector waits for a newly hired employee to pee into a urine drug test cup.

Step 1

Subject enters the testing site. Subject must empty pockets and remove any outer jackets. A lockbox will usually be available for these items for the subject.

Step 2


The subject is asked to wash hands and the urine drug test is explained, with the steps printed on the back of the donor copy of the Chain of Custody Form.

Step 3


Subject enters the toilet room where they will find the toilet water blue and urinates in the provided container. If it is scheduled as an observed collection, a collector of the same gender enters as well and follows the “observed collection protocol”.

Step 4


Subjects must not flush the toilet and then bring their sample directly to the collector, keeping the sample in view until it is poured into the collection vials. The collector first checks the temperature strip to ensure it is an acceptable temperature.

Step 5


The collector pours the sample into a vial which is sealed. The subject then initials and dates the vials and signs paperwork. The collector packages the sample with paperwork and seals the bag.

Step 6

(If it’s an instant urine test) Results are recorded on paperwork, the subject is free to go. If non-negative, the urine drug test sample is packaged and sent to the lab following the same steps in Step 4.

Things To Know About Urine Drug Tests


We test for a wide variety of drugs such as amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy) and its metabolite, methadone, opiates, oxycodone, phencyclidine (PCP and propoxyphene, synthetic cannabinoids (K2, “Spice”), and synthetic stimulants (“Bath Salts”).

Additionally, specialized panels such as Medical Professional Panels test for a broad range of prescription drugs more accessible in the healthcare industry, and there are also steroid panels to detect performance-enhancing drugs and anabolic steroid use.

Depending on the employer’s protocols the time of the specimen collection may or may not be monitored. We offer clinic and onsite drug testing utilizing urine testing.

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